Sacred Play

Subtle energy ninja skills

Embodied authentic relating play

Inspiring movement explorations

Community and connection

Self awareness

Alignment & Integration

Are you ready to explore this playful dance of awakening? What even greater possibilities of relating to and enjoying life await you? …and are you open to receiving?

All work is customized to support a particular theme, energy or intention, and help integrate personal and spiritual growth and transformation. Over the past 8 years Nancy has facilitated for organizations, conferences and retreats including Rancho La Puerta Spa, Yoga Journal Live, Tribal Truth, Maui Conscious Dance Collective, Ecstatic Dance San Diego, Sistership Circle, The Evo Room, Sacred Earth Warriors Retreat, women’s empowerment retreats and conscious entrepreneur groups.


A primal play alter creates a sacred container for the musical movement journey and give dancers a place to bring their offerings to support their dance

Primal Play

A Dance of Relating. Here we cultivate deeper self trust as we learn more clearly how we relate to our body and what messages it is giving us. We dance with how our inner world view and perspectives impact how we relate to all that is around us, other people, our community and the world. Are you ready for neural pathways to be rewired and new insights to be revealed and integrated into your life and relationships? This practice integrates developmental (primal) movement patterns, energy medicine, somatic awareness, embodied mindfulness, connection games, and play in a profoundly transformative & liberating way.


Medicine Dance Journeys

A Meditation in Motion. A dance journey with an intentionally constructed musical wave guided by the energy of the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. It is gently facilitated to invoke specific  intentions relevant to an individual, group, time of year, and/or what is happening socially, culturally and in our surrounding environment. It is most often offered as a blindfolded movement journey.

Dance of the Elements10731081_530745887027870_757858369904189338_n

This group dance takes place in a natural environment, such as on the beach, with each mover listening to the same playlist on their own mp3 player, similar to a silent disco. The journey begins together in circle to set the intention and create resonance within the group. Then we press play at the same time and begin our dance. While each dancer is in their own experience of the music and environment, we are also connected to each other through the music.

One On One Transformational Movement Coaching

A blending of meditative and somatic arts, integrating a wide range of movement, transformational and physical therapeutic paradigms. This one-on-one coaching provides personalized sessions and lifestyle programs to nurture your inner knowing through all levels of your being. Complete info here »

Nancy Parker has hosted events worldwide including Rancho La Puerta Spa known as a Destination Fitness Spa with photo by LakshmiGrace Designs