3 Tips to Waking Up Each Morning Feeling Refreshed

If you are tired of waking up in the morning and feeling like you have to push yourself through a haze of fatigue, even though you supposedly just got the rest you needed, you are not alone! Although these days I wake up each morning feeling well rested and ready for the day, it was not always like this. I used to drag myself out of bed, sometimes taking an hour or more to feel alert. I was burnt out, often with drastic energy highs and lows through the day. Turns out I was in full blown adrenal fatigue. Luckily I was surrounded by amazing, cutting edge health revolutionaries, who taught me not only how to determine what was going on, but exactly what to do to help heal myself.

While a complete health turn around needs to take into account a lot of aspects other than restorative sleep (see my InBodyWisdom program for more info), there are some simple things we can do in the morning in order to wake up more refreshed and ready for the day ahead of us. Watch my short video below to learn 3 simple tips to help kick start your adrenals and get your body back into balance with it’s natural rhythms.

In summary…

  1. Drink a small glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning stimulate your inner body.
  2. Take an alternating hot/cold shower to activate your physical energy.
  3. Gently gaze, with soft eyes, at the sunrise to activate cortisol production for more energy.

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