Awkward is the new Cool
Get Ready to Experience the “Magic of Belonging”

Are you sensitive to the energy of others, or do you feel uncomfortable and tend to shy away from social situations?


When hanging out with people, do you sometimes feel awkward, out of place, or like you may be a lone wolf?

Are you ready to integrate the awkward into vibrant connections? 

Get a taste of the magic of belonging & experience how your life can shift from separation & survival to CONNECTION & THRIVAL!

Next round begins January 2023!

Within this program you will develop resilience as a sensitive soul so you can learn how to thrive in community.

Experience for yourself how self expression & confidence go hand in hand.

Register today for this amazing 8 week deep dive to cultivate your authentic self expression, master your energy and uplevel your communication skills so you can deepen your sense of connection & belonging anywhere & everywhere!

This has been the focus of my personal & professional journey for the past 15 years, and now I am sharing these tools with you! 


During this 8 week online, intimate group program you will:
  • Discover how to consistently feel more confident & grounded in any situation
  • Develop better communication and listening skills
  • Learn how to feel more present in your body when you’re alone and among others
  • Expand your confidence, playfulness, and self expression


I founded InBody Wisdom to create safer spaces to explore connecting to & relating through your body with as much grace, ease, and joy as possible. In community I hold playful spaces of permission to move through what’s blocking you from having the depth of connection, freedom & integrity you desire.

My programs have developed over 20+ years of working with individuals and groups as a Therapeutic Movement Specialist, Integrative Health Coach and a facilitator of energy medicine & healing through dance.

ray of light shine

This work supports sensitive souls, empaths & socially awkward individuals, to clarify boundaries and express their desires from a grounded, open heart, and to anchor a connection to power, clarity, and joy like never before!


This community is calling out directly to you because:
  • You are someone who is deeply empathetic
  • You find it a struggle to stay open to connection in a world that can feel shocking
  • You long to have clearer boundaries & grow a healthy ‘psychic skin’
  • You are looking for jedi ninja skills of relating to transform your sensitivities into superpowers
  • You are ready to experience the magic of belonging!
Move beyond feeling awkward, uncomfortable, and out of place, and finally feel like you truly belong!
We will be meeting as a group in 6 live online sessions over 8 weeks, with a couple of ‘rest’ weeks sprinkled in for catching up, integrating, and deepening connection with yourself, your buddies and the greater community. 

The awakening will be fun and will include:
  • embodiment tools
  • movement meditations
  • communication & connection games
  • heart sharing & reflection
  • coaching and feedback
  • community support
  • weekly buddies