Caring for your Body Temple

~ Inspiration for your physical body ~

Building your body temple is a foundational piece to accessing deeper layers of your Core Intelligence. It also allows you to participate in life fully, without hesitation.

As we shift from Spring toward Summer, daylight is increasing and with it our motivation to be more active. Infused with the fire of the Sun, we may feel the pull to be ‘playing’ outside more, vacation, attend outdoor concerts or other fun community events.

The more we dream of doing, the more important it becomes to keep the physical body well balanced. I believe that to truly enjoy life, without fear of pain or injury, we need a body that is healthy, supple and strong.

This is why I have created the Balanced Well Movement Library, a series of classes to help you keep your body happy. There are 4 different categories of classes designed to support you, not in tearing your body down, but rather in unwinding, aligning, and strengthening your body at the deepest levels. The details of the course can be found by clicking the link…

The Balanced Well Movement Library 

For the month of May you can sign up for this course at a super discounted rate of only $3!!! Use the promo code: firstmonth3 to get the deal.

Many of you know me from the more right brained, intuitive offerings – healing workshops, women’s circles, and dance medicine ceremonies. Perhaps you have never experienced my Balanced Well work. Well now is your rare opportunity to take advantage of my 18+ years of expertise as a Holistic Wellness Coach, Pilates instructor and C.H.E.K. Practitioner. This work has provided the foundation for my deeper transformational work, both personally and professionally.  And there is so much more to come!

If you are on my list from way before, thank you for being a part of this journey over the years and more importantly, for staying committed to your own! If you have been craving the particular flavor of movement that you know I offer, well here ya go…

Balanced Well Movement Library

Try it out for only $3 when you sign up by May 31st
Promo code: firstmonth3

In Joy!

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