Connect to your Body’s Wisdom

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“With our body we are in the presence of a force that is filled with wisdom, loving, flawlessly reliable, and, strange to say, worthy of our deepest devotion.”  ~ Reginald Ray Dear one, It’s time to get real. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? What is your body craving? What stimulates your mind? What is your […]

Embodied Awakening

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Awakening, Transcendence & Spiritual Bypassing~ Awakening is just the first step. Being able to access states of transcendence or divine bliss can be a mere parlor trick in my opinion. It is often used as an easy escape route to bypass taking responsibility for what is wrong in our life, relationships, or other areas that […]

Dance Medicine

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 New Music for you!   Many of you have been asking about my process for creating music medicine journeys, and for access to my playlists. First, there are many older recordings of sets that you receive access to when you sign up for your free gifts on my home page. Some of my all time favorites are […]