International Women’s Day

Celebrating the beautiful and courageous women who were the incubators for the being that is me… and to all the lineage before and yet to come.

Did you know that the egg that created you was formed while your Mother was still a fetus in your Grandmother’s womb?

That is right, your inception point was actually when your Mom was about 20 weeks in utero. You are imprinted with all the energy (emotional, spiritual, mental, etc) your Grandmother and Mother experienced from that point forward.

Makes ya think, right?!

The next time you are having an experience, a feeling, or noticing a belief that doesn’t resonate or make sense to you, feel back into your lineage with compassion for the ups and downs of the journey that got you here. And perhaps a cord cutting ritual could be useful too.  Yep, again this time sealing it with love, consciousness, and gratitude.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!
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