Connect to your Body’s Wisdom

“With our body we are in the presence of a force that is filled with wisdom, loving, flawlessly reliable, and, strange to say, worthy of our deepest devotion.”  ~ Reginald Ray

Dear one,

It’s time to get real.


What is your body craving? What stimulates your mind? What is your heart’s deepest desire?

I want you to really think about this…

If you could have anything you want, what would your life look like? How would you feel?

Perhaps you are someone who has been dreaming of a different reality for a very long time, but you keep getting stuck in the same old patterns over and over again.

And deep inside you know there has to be a different way. 

If you are tired of spinning in circles, and are ready to not just identify your desires, but actually bring them into reality, then I have an invitation for you…

I am currently accepting applications for my InBody Wisdom one-on-one mentorship program, a program that helps you to tap into your true desires, and supports you to use your inner resources to create the body, relationships and life you have always dreamed of for yourself.

In this powerful one-on-one work, I help you to shift lifelong patterns that have been holding you back, and empower you to connect deeply to the inherent (though perhaps dormant) power and wisdom of your body.

I encourage you to read on and see if it feels resonant for you.

What is InBody Wisdom?

It is learning to access your core intelligence to guide you. No, not crunches silly…

Core – essence, the central or most important part of
at the heart of… the heart of

Intelligence – roots from the latin word meaning “understand”

Your core intelligence is your InBody Wisdom, the place where insights arise from, like when you open a book or talk to a stranger and get an answer to a question, perhaps one you already knew deep inside.

It is your deepest essence, your greatest inner wisdom.

It is the wisdom that arises from the vastness of your heart,
and I’m here to help you tap into it.

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In this one-on-one mentorship program, we go deep — all the way to the core of what has been holding you back. We work through identifying & releasing those old patterns and belief systems (B.S.) and upgrade your operating systems to support you to:

Invite more joy into your life

turn your sensitivity into a superpower

unravel feelings of overwhelm and anxiety

feel clarity, courage and confidence

feel safe to let down your walls

feel empowered in your ability to communicate your needs, feelings & desires

maintain an open heart when things get difficult

increase your energy, self-compassion & self care

prioritize your needs without guilt

trust and honor your intuition

invite more enjoyment & play into your life

Through this InBody Wisdom program, you will gain all these skills and more, while learning valuable tools and centering techniques that are incredible resources when life gets busy or emotions are running high.

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What people are saying…

“One of the best investments I have ever made…”

Working with Nancy has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I have done a lot of other transformation work, but this work has proven to be more impactful in a shorter amount of time in helping me to cut to the Truth. Nancy is a fierce supporter in helping me to unravel the overwhelm and anxiety I was feeling in so many areas of my life and to find clarity, courage and confidence again.

I have experienced an increase in self-compassion & energy levels, learned to prioritize my needs without guilt, increase my level of self-care and to trust & honor my intuition. I highly recommended Nancy’s expert guidance to anyone who feels in need of some extra support in finding your way back to your true self.  ~Monica A.


“I am clearly more connected with my intuition…

I’ve heard from some healers that their responsibility is to create the time and space for people to heal themselves. From my own experience, I can say that Nancy’s work provided that for me. I am clearly more connected with my intuition, and less encumbered by certain unproductive beliefs that I found myself holding onto.

In addition to that healing space, Nancy guided me into a variety of thoughts and feelings. Because of her guidance and the encouraging safety, I found a precious place to connect with myself and others. I encourage others to explore what Nancy has to offer.  ~ Burt L.  IT Consultant 

If you are curious about what’s possible for you, then I invite you to find out more in a FREE discovery session with me. There’s no risk or commitment involved. I’m happy to support you to get clear on your desires, and to see if this program is the right fit for you.

“When expression is inhibited, we feel isolated and stressed. Fall in love with movement, fall in love with physicality, fall in love with play. Fall in love with knowledge. Fall in love with health, vitality and pleasure. If we can do this, even in some small measure, everything else will come into focus and the world will become a much quieter place.”
Frank Forencich

It’s time…

Time to open yourself to the wisdom of the Universe, and the divine intelligence that resides within.

In my experience helping thousands of people over the years to break free, it is from this place that you can truly create the life you desire. 

I would be honored to be your guide.

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More of what people are saying…

“You offered me a breakthrough in one of my biggest fears and you did it in a gentle fun way.” ~ John B.

“My body is whole and strong and I know how to stay in alignment walking balanced on this earth because of your support and coaching.” Leslee W.

“I know can feel safe working with my shadow and expressing it without feeling that it is wrong. I have a new skill that I didn’t have before. I now am aware of a new option I can conduct when that pendulum swings. Thank you so much.” Brad L.

“I so appreciate what you do to create the space of safety, with a container where we can leave judgement outside and shine!” Gwen Lepard

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