Core Intelligence

“Once we become aware of the underlying principles of our daily experiences – of ourselves, of society, and our conditioning — then we can chose to live in alignment with the flow of life, in a state of embodied presence, with grace ease and joy.”


What is Core Intelligence Coaching?

Do you desire…

To experience more Grace, Ease and Joy in your life?

To stay centered and calm in the midst of difficult circumstances?

Clear grounded energy and emotions?

To Trust yourself more?

Nourishing Relationships with self, loved ones & community?

To learn to Communicate more clearly and authentically, yet also compassionately?

To feel seen, heard & understood?

To have the Courage to act on your intuition?

To feel more connected to your desires?

To reconnect to the wisdom of your heart?

To move from living a life of Fear to one filled with Love?

Core Intelligence Coaching can help.

This 12 week program is designed to empower you to learn about your body’s unique programs & operating systems, and how to upgrade & integrate new ways of thinking, feeling, being, and relating into your life.


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Benefits of the Program

•Self trust, confidence and courage

illuminate radiate divine light love and light

•More playfulness, presence, enjoyment and ease

•Mental, emotional, physical and energetic balance

•Clear, grounded, sustainable energy

•Improved relationship to self, others and your world

•Release toxins from your body/mind/spirit

•Eliminate brain fog and restore mental clarity

•Strengthen foundational pillars of health and eliminate dis-ease

•Clear compassionate communication of boundaries, needs, and desires

•Alignment of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to design the life of your dreams

•Intuition, discernment, and decisiveness (get clear guidance & act on it!)


This program is for you if…

•you feel stuck, unmotivated, overwhelmed or lack the energy to make healthy changes in your lifestyle and relationships

•you are ready to access the next level of health, vitality, and strength in your being on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and energetic

•you desire support and accountability to help you integrate new habits, growth transformation in your day to day life

•you are ready to reclaim your power

•you are ready to learn how to listen to and act on your intuition

•you are ready to access deeper clarity, self trust, & discernment, self love & honesty, and your authentic self-expression.


Clear your Mind
Awaken your Intuition
Deepen Connection to self, others, source
Simple tools for Empowering Empaths & Sensitive Souls
Learn Authentic, Compassionate and Transparent Communication
Cultivate Discernment & Healthy Boundaries
Live with more Ease, Grace & Joy

Get Started with Your Free,
30 Minute Discovery Session