Sacred Play

“Play gives us a way to jumpstart your intentions and dreams into action.”


Attunement Sessions

Movement Medicine Woman

Nancy has been described as a compassionate yet fiery guide
supporting you as you unfurl to your fullest
most expansive self possible
Reconnecting you to clarity, confidence, power, flow & joy!
These one-on-one sessions are intentional containers
providing *rocket fuel* to help you blast through stagnation
igniting your evolutionary potential!
Are you ready for this??

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Discovery Session


Group field work

“When more conscious beings are connected to the same focused intention, a stronger and more intense bond is formed in our collective consciousness. This synchronicity of group consciousness can be strengthened by a common focus or intention.”  
~The Path Of The Dreamhealer


Conscious Dancer Ecstatic Dance of Liberation Primal Play The Evo Room Yoga Journal Conference San Diego

Primal Play

A Dance of Relating. Cultivate deeper self trust. Discover your body’s messages, conscious and unconscious beliefs and how it all impacts your every day experience with your self, with others and with the world around you. Upgrade your operating systems and invite more joy into your life. This practice weaves primal movement patterns, energy medicine, mindfulness, and play in a profoundly transformative way.




Medicine Dance Journeys

A Meditation in Motion. A movement journey with an intentionally curated musical wave, using the energy of the 5 elements to support transformation. With gentle facilitation to invoke specific intentions relevant to a group, theme, time of year, and/or what is happening socially, culturally and in our environment. It is most often offered as a blindfolded movement journey. Inspired by Dancing Freedom, Kundalini Dance and Shamanic Trance Dance.




All group work is customized to support a particular theme and/or intention, and is supportive of personal and collective breakthroughs and transformation. This work is potent, playful medicine. In addition to working with countless individuals over the past 20 years, Nancy has facilitated for organizations, conferences and retreats including Rancho La Puerta Spa, Yoga Journal Live, Tribal Truth, Maui Conscious Dance Collective, Ecstatic Dance San Diego, Sistership Circle, The Evo Room, Sacred Earth Warriors Retreat, and monthly Soul Sister Circles with Laura Swan.