Embodied Awakening

Awakening, Transcendence & Spiritual Bypassing~

Awakening is just the first step. Being able to access states of transcendence or divine bliss can be a mere parlor trick in my opinion. It is often used as an easy escape route to bypass taking responsibility for what is wrong in our life, relationships, or other areas that may be out of integrity. Without the ability to embody and integrate this divine level of consciousness into this physical world, through aligning our bodies, our hearts, voices, AND actions, we are not fully honoring this gift or the light of our Soul.

I dive in a bit deeper into this in the video below, that I made for you during my Sacred Play time.

Special thanks to Hawk for your beautifully timed guidance. I had been walking and communing with nature for about 45 minutes with no sign or sound of hawk until that very moment…

In Joy!

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