Faith vs Fear

ray of light shine

May we be given the gift of sight to see the TRUTH beneath the layers of wounding and self sabatoge. To see the through the smoke and mirrors of confusion to the WISDOM residing in the depths of our pure authentic HEART. To see through the noise of who ever yells the loudest demanding attention, sparking fear and impulsive reactions, to the quiet whisper of inner truth allowing a grounded RESPONSE.

Resist the urge to fight and just SURRENDER. No, not give up, give way, yield. Surrender to yourself and to your heart. Surrender to LOVE. Surrender to the belief that you deserve the exact kind of love that you keep trying to give away to others. Give that love to yourself first and see what happens. Surrender to happiness even (and especially) when it looks different than what you have imagined. Surrender to faith as it cannot be controlled by fear. Act and move and relate from this place and see how the world around you TRANSFORMS as a result. Trust GRACE and keep LISTENING to your heart.

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