Gratitude in the Face of Fire

Can you find gratitude in the midst of the fire? 

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Recently I had the opportunity to share my offerings on the east coast with new audiences. It turned out to be quite a chaotic, challenging, and growth perpetuating adventure for sure. With nothing available that was promised, and very poor management I had a choice, to give up and walk away or to throw out my plans and create a new class on the spot to fit the circumstances.

It was certainly one of the biggest professional challenges to date, to stay grounded amidst the chaos and keep my heart open in the face of aggression, while standing firmly & lovingly for my needs. Did I consider bailing? Yes, did I almost ‘lose it’ with the 2nd rude dude in a row? Yes. I also grounded, got it together, and pulled off 2 workshops in incredibly difficult circumstances, starting one off literally in tears. Ultimately I feel grateful for my steadfastness to dig in and show up vulnerably, authentically and powerfully and to get to be an embodiment for how that looks for others.

Hearing the feedback and breakthroughs from the participants along with the new soul family connections I made, certainly made it all worthwhile. With deep reverence I gratefully acknowledge the impact of the practices I use regularly, and share professionally, that help me manage my emotions, ground, center, and recharge myself, hold clear boundaries, and communicate authentically, transparently and lovingly (which btw doesn’t necessarily mean being ‘polite or nice.’)

Is there a time you feel challenged by, that you can now find nuggets in to be grateful for? 

The on-going support of a loving web of liked hearted beings –  community, friends, family, etc. who are there for reflection, connection and nourishment is also something that helped make this possible and that I am profoundly grateful for. Although I didn’t always feel this way, I have spent the last many years cultivating this level of openness, trust, and grounding in community and learning how to reach out and ask when I need help.

If you are desiring more of that in your world, I invite you to join me in circle on Tuesday Dec 11th at Noon or 5pm PST, from anywhere in the world. Although it is FREE, the impact from this time together has been expressed to be priceless in value. 

Note: If you signed up in the past and did not receive log in info, my apologies. Apparently my automated systems failed, boo. Instead I invite you to message me: nancy (at)  and I will manually forward you the details. 


In deep appreciation for all of life,


P.S. One last thing I’d love to share, some musical inspiration for your embodied enjoyment. Here is the latest release from my Sacred Play musical journey series, #42 Fiery Gratitude. 

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