Hibernation and Resolutions?

Feeling the inward pull of this time of year? This dark time of winter, the medicine of the bear, and a pull towards hibernation. Yet, these past few weeks, all around us are stories, articles, and programs to pushing us to do more and be more of something…more fit, more healthy, more successful, more productive, etc, etc. My inbox is flooded with entrepreneurs pushing their offers, webinars, products, etc., and I have to admit I have been feeling the pressure to do the same. Yet, when I tune into the rhythms and cycles of nature, this feels out of tune. While the rational, masculine, left-brain part has been nagging me to get my marketing out, my intuitive, feminine, right-brain side has been very clear that forcing is not the way. This is why we wind up sick, burned out and overwhelmed. Finding the balance between the two is key. This gestation period is healthy and productive, not just ‘being lazy.’ While I am sharing now, it is coming from a place of deep alignment and being of highest service, rather than merely because I am “supposed to” be doing something right now.

Since facilitating Illuminate, my Winter Solstice Celebration for 75+ people, I have been choosing to embrace the darkness, to nurture friendships, family, and self. In this way I managed to stay healthy, in spite of air travel, holiday sweets & treats and many fun, sleep-deprived nights in a row, all the while those around me were getting sick. Many years of cultivating trust in my InBody Wisdom, has taught me what it feels like when I am riding the edge of my immune system, what my body is capable of handling, and what to do to quickly get it back on track. Trusting this time of stillness is revealing a deeper wisdom, one that would be missed if I succumbed to the frenzied push from society that media and marketing has conditioned us to believe January is about. When we return to the wisdom of the larger body of our Earth, and allow our bodies synchronize again with her rhythms, this is when I believe we begin to truly thrive again, as will our planet

If you are feeling less than social, active or motivated, or you skip out on a resolution “again”, instead of kicking yourself, try offering yourself compassion. Now I am not suggesting you become a hibernating bear and do nothing…although that does sound kinda nice…simply that you be as gentle and nurturing with yourself as you would with a sweet child. Take one small step at a time to feel good and give yourself permission to rest more. If you miss a commitment to yourself, acknowledge it and get back on track the next day. Personally, I have added back Pilates and Yoga once a week without any pressure attached to work hard or lose weight. My intention is simply to support my mental, emotional and physical health. Less pressure. More ease!

Also you may consider using this time for self reflection and introspection. The valuable information gleaned can be used to acknowledge what was left untended from last year, to decide if it is still important to you, and to ignite your desires for this year to come. Begin dreaming about what is truly important to you. Be realistic and lay off the pressure valve, you don’t have to have it all done by the end of January. Create crystalline clarity in the dream seeds you are planting now. This is how we get what we want…if you want beets, don’t plant carrots. Then with proper tending to, over time, your dreams seeds nestled in the deep, dark soil of winter, will begin to sprout into reality!

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  1. marvellous! – equally, the best time for resolutions and putting forth new shoots is in the spring, in tune with the rest of nature

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