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Experience radiant health in your body and relationships

Welcome, dear one.

Hi, I am Nancy Parker…

Welcome to a space where we dive deep while keeping it light—where playfulness meets profound transformation. I’m here to guide you on a journey of discovery, where we honor the dance of connection between body, mind, and heart.

At InBody Wisdom, we’re all about embracing the essence of authentic living, where every step you take is grounded in core integrity and embodied intimacy. It’s about giving yourself permission to explore, to feel, to connect—with yourself and with others—in a way that feels aligned, healthy, and oh-so liberating.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, physical wellness, or deeper connection in your relationships, our transformative workshops, programs & one-on-one coaching experiences are crafted to help you find your center and live a life that feels truly aligned.

I invite you to explore our offerings and join our community of alchemists & explorers. 

With love and light,


ReSourced Activation Kit

Exclusive free gifts to improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

My Offerings

Master your energy & intuition, cultivate trust & discernment, and learn to tap into passion & pleasure to move through blocks into deeper connection in this transformational program for women. ReSourced empowers women to harness their potent feminine energy during a profound sisterhood connection.

Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit with our comprehensive membership that combines movement, meditation, and wellness —all in one place and from the convenience of your own home, or wherever your travels may take you! All genders are welcome. 

In this personalized deep dive we work with the 4 “Core” pillars: Core Values, Alignment, Strength, and Integrity to transform the health of your body and your relationships. Prepare to be met where you are at and guided as far as you are willing to go, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This work is for all genders.

Schedule your complimentary session to discover how you can increase your vitality and create radiant health in your body & relationships. Create alignment, coherence, & core integrity, to increase energy, clarity, and joy, from the inside out. Discover what greater possibilities await you.

Heather J.

“You offer opportunities to share Divine Presence as well as allowing a space for intense opening and a uniquely raw experience… I mean primal. You are absolutely juicy!” 

Melissa June

“…your absolute presence in life and on the dance floor (even when your not physically there), your ability to really SEE & FEEL, the way you continuously show up for our community to INSPIRE, CREATE & HEAL. My heart is so full of love and gratitude for you. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Joni Pradetto

“Thank you so much Nancy! You are a master at going deep! 🙏💞✨”

John B

“You offered me a breakthrough in one of my biggest fears and you did it in a gentle fun way.”

Letty Rising

“You are amazing at creating experiences where people have peak experiences, enter into the state of ‘flow,’ and touch the spiritual plane.”

Brad L.

I know can feel safe working with my shadow and expressing it without feeling that it is wrong. I have a new skill that I didn’t have before. I now am aware of a new option I can conduct when that pendulum swings. Thank you so much.”  

Why Work With Me

You belong here

Picture this: You, fully centered and balanced, radiating a grounded presence that draws others in. Healthy, vibrant and full of joy. That’s the magic of our approach—it’s about finding your unique rhythm and moving through life with grace and ease.

Here, deep listening isn’t just a skill—it’s a way of being. We believe in nurturing your innate wisdom, guiding you to uncover the answers that already reside within you. No B.S., no pretense—just pure soul nourishment.

So, if are you ready to deepen into the dance of connection, to your body, mind and heart? To embrace the fullness of who you are and move through it all with strength, clarity, and joy? If so, let’s dive in, because life is meant to be lived, joyfully & authentically.

Click here to schedule your free Discovery Session to find out more.

My Philosophy

Together We Will

My philosophy centers around the belief that one of the best conversations you can have is with your own body, if you know how to listen. When we embrace this innate intelligence & dive deeply into its transformative potential, we open ourselves to profound change. 

You can dig deep, efforting & suffering to uncover this body wisdom, or you can learn how to go playfully deep, attuning to the subtle whispers to easily access the guidance from within. 

I also believe in harnessing our creative energy with pleasure and integrity to clear blocks, align with our authentic expression & activate positive change in our health and our relationships in service to the highest good.