Connection Games, Winter Solstice Ritual & Intention Setting, a Dance in the Dark, Heart Sharing  

Experience yourself and your senses in a whole new way as you move through a Blindfolded Ecstatic Dance Journey to release what ever you may still holding on to from the previous turn of the wheel. In the space that is created, move with your new dreams and desires. Tap into the natural energy of Ecstasy & Joy as rocket fuel for manifesting your intentions. 

Nancy Parker is a Reiki Master, Dancing Freedom Facilitator & Sacred Play Creator. 

She helps you to access your deepest Core Intelligence to align your thoughts, words, and actions for effortless manifestation on all levels. Her program has developed over 20 years of working with individuals and groups in the fields of Therapeutic Movement, Holistic Wellness, & Energy Medicine. She founded InBody Wisdom & Ecstatic Dance San Diego to create safe, sacred spaces to explore relating to and through the body, and upgrade emotional, intuitive & body intelligence. She holds playful spaces of permission to move through whats blocking you from having the depth of connection you deeply crave and actualize your deepest hearts truth. She is honored to share these tantric shamanic alchemical keys with the Trilogy Sanctuary tribe.


“We are awake in the night, we turn the wheel to bring the light, we call the sun from the womb of night….on this shortest day and darkest night, we turn the wheel to return the light” ~ Starhawk


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In Joy!


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