Music as Medicine

earth medicine tree roots tools for grounding

After a couple weeks of heavy energy, watching the show play out in biased politics and media, I am finally coming out of the daze of disbelief, wondering how things got this messed up. One thing that helps me lift my spirits is music, movement, breath and sound. I have been singing, toning, chanting, filling myself up from the inside out. What tools do you use to shift your state and raise your vibration back to peace and joy?

If you desire inspiration in helping you move through it, here is the latest release from a music journey I curated in May. As usual, it starts out slow, allowing you to sink in. Play it while you work or drive, or set aside some sacred self care time just for yourself to feel & move with all that is arising for you at this time.

Sacred Play Sunday #40 Illuminar

Also if you have been yearning to feel more connected, nourished, and supported, stay tuned for a very special invitation to join me from where ever you are in the world, in a circle of support and illumination. Crazy times call for deepening connection, finding our way back to joy, together!

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