Music & Movement Classes

Movement medicine comes in many forms. Here are a few of my favorites I love to share to help get you moving…

Music Medicine

If you like music or ecstatic dance, you will be thrilled to know I just released ALL of my ‘Sacred Play Sunday’ playlists to the public on Spotify. About 20+ of my most recent dance journeys are now available for your embodied enjoyment.

>>> Click Here to LISTEN <<<

(LOGISTICS NOTE: If you have the paid version of Spotify, and would like to move through the music journey as intended, listen to the playlist in order & change your crossfade settings to 8-12 seconds for a more seamless experience. Otherwise, just enjoy discovering all the new music 🙂


Movement Classes Online

For those of you who desire more structure & focus in your movement, I have been offering weekly online Pilates & Foam Roller classes for the past 3 months to rave reviews. Attendees report being pleasantly surprised at how effective the Zoom classes are at getting results! You get real time feedback in these classes so it is more like being in the room together, vs. watching something pre-recorded on youtube. Want a stronger core, flatter belly, better posture, and more flexible body?

>>> Click Here to Learn More and Register <<<

My hope is that these offerings assist you in moving through the things life throws your way with as much grace, ease, joy and connection to your core power as possible.

Have questions? Reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

Healthy Blessings,


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