Client’s Testimonials

“Nancy has worked with many of my patients….is extremely professional and dedicated. Her knowledge of varied modalities along with a strong rehab background provides her clientele with powerful and successful training. She has worked with very challenging clients and they have accomplished great progress…praising her resourcefulness and fun in their training. Excellence of her caliber is not easy to find.”
-Dr. Karen Mutter, D.O., P.A., Founder of the Integrative Medicine Healing Center

 “After three surgeries in three years including 2 total hip replacements…Nancy became my trainer. She is very observant and sensitive to a person’s limitations and abilities…is innovative in her approach. I have increased my stamina, strength…balance and coordination. I am able to walk for longer periods of time with better posture. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Nancy”

-Janet, 78, retired accountant

“I was constantly fatigued, overweight, and very unhappy with myself. With Nancy’s assistance I have been able to turn myself around. I got my eating habits and exercise plan back on track…and began to feel better and think more positively. I have lost over 20 lbs, built muscle, and regained my stamina.”
-Marlene, 41

“As a long time smoker and out-of-condition office worker I often wanted to quit and go back to my sedentary lifestyle. Nancy always seemed to know when to sympathize and when to push. She has a lot of wisdom and people skills far beyond her years.”
-Ray, 62, retired attorney, Florida

After the 12 week Health Coaching Package...

“Nancy, you have saved my life.  I have become very aware of what I am eating and its effects.  Thanks to you I have discovered a life threatening allergy, cured my stomach aches, given up coffee and gum, and lost weight.”

JC, Superior Court Judge

“Nancy’s Road to Wellness presentation was great.  It helped me realize that what works for ME is all that matters, even if it goes against the conventional health advice.  I got a lot out of it…and I’m a Nutritionist!  I have more free to “follow my own drum” ever since and I have never felt better.  Thanks, Nancy!”

 –Jill Brook, M.A., Diet for Health 

“I have been very active all of my life, but have struggled with back issues since my late 20’s. I underwent an emergency back surgery in 2004, due to a lumbar disc rupture, and underwent another surgery six months later to correct a related problem.  Since then, I have spent endless hours and an enormous amount of money in physical therapy without seeing any kind of significant results.  I have also tried a number of homeopathic remedies: acupuncture, rolfing, cranial sacral therapy, massage therapy, and restorative yoga.   Some gave me temporary relief, but I never seemed to make progress in getting anything long-term.  It was frustrating to keep trying new things, only to be disappointed time and time again and always ending up with the same underlying issues. 

I discovered Nancy through the Bar Method exercise program I attend.  The Bar Method is a full body workout using isometrics and the principles of dance conditioning.   Nancy held a Posture for Performance workshop there, which was incredibly instructive and gave information and simple release and strength exercises to help release tension and stress and improve mobility.  Her vast experience and background in the field of corrective exercise and body mechanics, specializing in disc/spine issues was impressive, so I decided to sign up for her 12-Week Powerful Posture Program in order to try and eliminate the restrictions I’d been having with my neck and back and, hopefully, learn how to change the incorrect patterns I’d been doing for years.   

We met in person during our first session and Nancy gave me a thorough and full body evaluation.  I was concerned that future sessions, which would be done “remotely” via Skype, might not be as thorough as our in-person session. Nothing could have been further from the truth.  Nancy consistently gave completely customized, very detailed, one-on-one sessions each and every time.   I found her to be professional, articulate, patient, thorough, and basically a wealth of knowledge on all subjects related to health.  I saw immediate progress with my mobility and pain issues after our very first session.  In addition, she has given me information to help improve my diet and sleep pattern issues, which, in turn, has given me improved energy and the ability to finally sleep through the night — a very welcome additional bonus!  

Nancy knows her field better than anyone I have ever met.  She truly cares about her clients.  It’s clear, her focus and passion in life are to be able to help give them the tools to make real and permanent changes in their lives — in all areas of their lives.   If you have health issues you just can’t seem to overcome, I would highly recommend you contact her.  I only wish I would have been given the opportunity to have taken this program years ago.  Who knows, I might have eliminated two back surgeries, endless hours wasted and thousands of dollars spent trying things that simply did not work.  I am grateful to have finally met someone who has given me the knowledge and roadmap to change my life in such a significant way.  I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done!”

Lori Pastorelli, Palo Alto, CA

Nancy’s postural workshops and private sessions are such a great compliment my strength training exercise regimen.  Her techniques and personal suggestions are informative, practical, and easy to incorporate into any exercise routine.  I often experience tight, sore muscles in my seat, hips, and legs after working out and Nancy’s techniques offered are so beneficial for relieving that soreness, tightness, and releasing the tense muscles . Anyone who has sore muscles after a workout can benefit from Nancy’s techniques in here workshops and/or private sessions.

Joy H., Palo Alto, CA 

 You are an instructor that has a wonderful delivery, is knowledgeable, pleasant to listen to, and considerate.  That kind of instructor makes all the difference in the WORLD! 

Pam M., Florida

“My back is healed and for the first time in my life, I have muscle tone, thanks to Nancy’s expertise”.

-Valerie, 43

I am so grateful to have met Nancy Parker! Nancy came highly recommended to me by a chiropractor I hold in very high esteem, Dr. Dan Kalish. When I first met Nancy, I had no energy, I was overweight and was very addicted to sugar. Nancy’s nutritional knowledge and encouragement was just what I needed to guide me to make healthier eating choices. Also, Nancy remains a strong supporter in helping me break my long-standing sugar addition.  I highly recommend Nancy as a wellness and exercise coach for anyone seeking to improve their nutrition and overall health. 

Theresa Virant, Vista, CA





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