Sacred Play

Sacred Play

Three Resources to help you Tap into your Gifts

  • Grounding Breath Tool – Gift One helps with cultivating a DEEPER LISTENING
  • Body Scan – Gift Two supports REPLENISHMENT of mental & emotional ENERGY
  • Music Medicine – Gift Three is an open invitation to PLAY & ALLOW yourself to move and be moved
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Are You Ready to…

Trust your intuition
Deepen connection
Embody your authentic self
Lovingly maintain healthy boundaries
Ignite your hearts deepest desires
Experience more playfulness and joy?

Everyone deserves this level of soul nourishment!


Sacred Play Dancers
Awaken & Illuminate deep body wisdom with this mindfulness tool. Listen to subtle messages from the body & allow them to be your inner GPS, keeping you centered, calibrated & on course. It is a powerful way to bring grounded presence into all your relating-ships.
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Sacred Play Dancers

Resource energy, mental clarity and emotional balance. This easy energy medicine tool helps you clarify boundaries, and relate to others from an open, authentic, & grounded place. Often feel frazzled or overwhelmed? Experience feelings of urgency or anxiousness? Or perhaps you simply wish to invite calm openness & deeper connection to your day?

Do these 3 energy breaths.... Seriously, a total game changer!

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Gift #3 EMBODY

Sacred Play Dancers
Music medicine mixes to inspire, ignite and delight you from your molecules to your follicles and beyond! I curated these Sacred Play lists to help you move through the ups and downs of life and embody more joy!

Discover How Sacred Play Can Deepen Your Relationships & Help You Feel More Vibrant & Connected - Every Day!

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Nancy ParkerNancy Parker, Facilitator