Space for ALL of YOU

Dear heart,

Do you ever wish there was a space for you to be held in whatever emotion is moving through for you? That you didn’t have to hide away or go through it alone? A space of liberation, where all of you is welcome?

Seriously I’ve lost count of how many people have shared with me that this is exactly what the conscious movement spaces I hold have been for them.

The music journey I curated for this past Sunday’s Dance Church was a dedication to honor the taking of a life too soon. It is also crafted for anyone who is going through something challenging or dark… be it an illness, a break up, a loved one suffering, a huge life shift, dismay at the state of the world, or our own inner turmoil.

This is your reminder that you are not alone. 
You are supported. Reach out. Hold on. 
Lean in and know that this too shall pass.


I am so very grateful for a rich, heart-full community of connectedness that helps support a positive mental state shift and allows me to see something greater than my own struggle whenever I am in it… AND I WISH THAT FOR EVERYONE!

This is why I continue to support places for this for even more people. I truly believe this is one way we will change the world!

Here are a few upcoming opportunities for you to play in these fields of embodied feeling & connection with us. Please note all times are listed in PST. Click the links below to get the juicy details.

I’ll be offering Primal Play, a Dance of Relating
Friday, April 19th, 8-9pm Ecstatic Dance San Diego 
Friday, April 27th, 4-5pm Serenity Gathering in Northern CA

For women, ReSourced, Women’s Circle & Shakti Activation
Tuesday April 16th, 12pm, a ReSourced Virtual Women’s Circle. (Join in from anywhere in the world)
Sunday, April 29th, 2-3:30pm Live at Serenity Gathering, Northern CA

In the meantime here is that playlist to inspire and support you in moving through whatever it is you are going through right now.

And please share love generously, you never know when it will be your last chance.

In Joy,

P.S. If you are desire more support and are feeling ready to BLOOM and GROW beyond the places where you have been stuck, let’s connect. I offer personalized 1-on-1 coaching, reach out for more info.

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