Spring Blooms

Happy Spring!

Two days ago I drove from the snow of Lake Tahoe to springtime in Santa Cruz. I have been on an adventure the past few weeks with many moments so beautiful and aligned, it is like a ‘feel good’ movie, perfectly scored with music to fit the scenery.

Whether the flowers are blooming or the snow is starting to melt where you are at, or something in between, I invite you to take a few minutes to consider this transition time, the Spring Equinox. This is a time to honor balance, of equal light and dark, a time of renewal, rebirth and blooming. As the light returns, consider what seeds are you planting to be nourished by the spring rains and sun? 

And if you appreciate the power of the community and working in harmony with nature, I am offering a free virtual gathering next week, Tuesday March 26th at 11am, as my birthday gift to you. We will dive deep into embodying your dreams, visions and goals for this next cycle, quarter, season. This circle is co-ed and will be potent and playful and I am excited to see you there. 

Respond to this message with an “I’m in” so I know to include your energy in the preparations for this special gathering.  

Springtime blessings to you!


P.S. If you have been feeling challenged, irritable or anxious, be gentle with yourself. It is a powerful full moon along with other planetary influences that could be impacting you in unseen ways. I mean the moon is powerful enough to affect the ocean, it can pull on you too. If you are in need of more support, please reach out I am here for you.

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