Tap into your Magic

After a lovely winter hibernation, it is time to come out of the cave and prepare for spring season. What seeds have you planted that are ready to bloom? Would you like some inspiration to support your growth? Music, movement, time in nature, community, and connection are keys for igniting my inspiration. What does it for you? 

If you have followed along with me this far, perhaps some of those same things inspire you too. If you do appreciate a good musical soundtrack to inspire your creativity, your work day, unwinding or dance party in your living room, here is my latest release for you. A music journey titled Abracadabra, crafted on Spotify, so you can listen for free even if you don’t subscribe. (However, the refined, perfectionist part of me needs to say that if you have a paid Spotify account, then set the crossfade for 12 seconds to get the most seamless, flowing transitions for your listening pleasure.)

Also for those of you who realize that you need consistent support and accountability to stay inspired, work through resistance, illuminate blind spots and make big leaps in growth, I am here for you. After completing this past round of virtual circles for women and taking some time off to integrate all the wonderful feedback from the participants, I am gearing up to host the next round of ReSourced, an Online Women’s circle. If you would like to stay informed about these upcoming circles of support, click the link to be added to the interest list

May your life be filled with love and moments so freakishly aligned that it feels like magic! 



P.S. Prefer to work one on one? I offer coaching for men and women privately as well, reach out for more info.

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