The brain in your gut

What is your relationship to intuition?

That feeling in your gut you sometimes get… do you listen or ignore it? I have committed to living my life guided by the quiet voice inside, the gentle nudges that point the way. Sometimes I do really well at that and life feels graceful, energized, flowing, magical even. At other times the noise of the world, my to-do list, worry, or anxiety, drowns out access to this core intelligence. When ‘driving against’ my inner GPS, I feel contracted, confused, and heavy, like I’m in the spin cycle as I push against my own resistance. Can you relate?

Thankfully now, after cultivating mindfulness, self reflection and sacred self care practices, (yes, this time is sacred), I have learned how to resource myself to stay in ‘the flow,’ more often than not.

If you have also consciously chosen this state as your primary operating mode, congratulations on your commitment to the work it took to get to this place of ease!

Whether you have glimpsed this state, or totally forgotten life can be like this, consider this an invitation to expand your possibilites. If you have felt stuck in the belief that there is something wrong with you, you ‘missed your chance’ or it is only for the lucky chosen few, I am here to tell you this is not true! You get to choose.

Here is a little awareness practice for you. Think about your day yesterday or sometime this past week. Was there a moment when you had a gut feeling, an intuitive hit, or impulse that seemed to be directing you? Did you listen or not? And what happened as a result? For example, on my to-do list was to go to particular store to restock some things, but my gut told me not to in that moment. Alas, my mind prevailed with thoughts like… I am already on this side of town, I need these things, I don’t want to have to deal with it later…all perfectly rational, right! But when I got to the store, an electrical problem had caused them to close early, about 10 minutes before I arrived! So I wasted a half hour, no biggie in the long run, but it did allow me to reflect, and reaffirm trust in my inner voice. And it is these “little” lessons, that help lay the foundation for trust when the “bigger” choices inevitably arise.

To be clear, I am not disregarding the importance of mind. We need it too, yet many of us are overly focused on the mental, creating anxiety, depression and dis-ease. I have found for myself and with my clients, that when we invite our mind to be more integrated with our core intelligence we experience life as filled with more grace, ease and joy.

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