The Dance of Connection

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ~ Goethe

The ‘dance’ of connection is really about trust… and trust begins with self. Trusting ourselves to make choices, when to open, when to move on, when to pause and take one more breath before moving forward, before making a choice from a reactive place rather than a place grounded in our inner knowing.

How do you sense trust in your body? How do you relate to those around you when you are anchored in a place of deep self trust vs when you are in doubt. How does that difference positively or negatively impact your relationships? your ability to be clear in your yes and your no? …how clearly you hold your boundaries? express your desires? get your needs for connection and intimacy met? or leave you feeling separate, alone?

When I am rooted in self trust, I make decisions confidently. I am able communicate my needs & desires clearly and feel they are understood by others. More of what I need & want is able to come to me with grace & ease. No one has to guess where I stand. I feel light, free, seen, heard and able to be met. When I am not, well, perhaps you can relate to the whirlwind of chaos that can ensue from that place.

I’m curious to know how this strikes you, if you would be willing to share?

And if you are in the SoCal area and curious to explore this deeper, check out this one time offering, the ‘Dance’ of Connection. It is a special collaboration, happening this Saturday in Encinitas. We are combining authentic relating, for those who are more comfy talking, along with embodiment practices, for those more comfy moving. We are weaving the web of connection, creating a space for integration through the theme of TRUST. I’d love to move through this with you.

Click here for the details.
And please reach out if you have questions or care to share.

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