We will Grow…Together!

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Today I celebrate International Women’s Day and all the women who are leading the way and rising to their power together. Together, we will grow.


Together. Whether you are a man or a woman, as we learn to embrace and integrate our own inner masculine and feminine, we learn how to ‘dance’ more skillfully, powerfully and gracefully with all parts of ourselves. We expand our capacity for connection. We awaken deeper spaces for relating…to your Self…to each other…and to this planet.


Infinite gratitude for the women who have paved the way for my Inbody Wisdom to be awakened and shared. A special thank you to my Grandmother’s and my Mom and all the women in my family! And to my teachers and soul sisters in this lifetime: Gwendolyn Terra and Divine Movements. Samantha Sweetwater and Dancing Freedom. Leyolah Antara and Kundalini Dance. Laura Swan and Soul Sister Circle. Tanya Lynn and Tribal Truth & Sistership Circle.


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