What is Core Intelligence Coaching

Core Intelligence Coaching is a program that integrates over 18+ years of study, research, practice and science. It approaches whole-being health and well being with a highly attuned discernment and a deeply compassionate, intuitive wisdom along with a passion for supporting you in improving vitality in all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit.

A reconnection to your inner body wisdom. Your embodied knowing of what habits, food, ways of moving, relating, what environments, people and emotions are contributing to your highest vitality and health, and which are slowly (or rapidly) draining your vital life force energy.

Knowledge, support and accountability in making the changes necessary to enhance your inner and outer radiance, vitality and health.

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Each Program is Custom Designed for the Individual & Can Include

  • Mindfulness practices
  • Therapeutic movement sessions
  • Brain exercises for improved focus, concentration, coordination, agility and balance
  • Reiki & Kundalini breathwork practices
  • Detoxification/ Cleansing Support
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching
  • Core Alignment
  • Energy Medicine exercises to ground, clear, refresh, revitalize and reconnect to your own body’s wisdom
  • Accountability for behavior change and integrating lifestyle upgrades
  • Functional Laboratory testing for optimizing health (costs for tests are not included in package pricing)

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