What are the Benefits of Coaching?

Each of us can be as unique in our food and nutrient requirements as we are unique with our fingerprints. Through important systems, like Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Metabolic Typing, Nancy can test you to identify what food and lifestyle choices fit your unique body needs. Coaching sessions empowers you to learn about your body’s unique requirements and how to integrate them into their life, for life.

Because there are numerous factors within the realm of our nutrition and lifestyle habits that may be impacting us, a comprehensive assessment of these factors serves as a very important foundation from which to launch your program. Factors such as food quality, food sensitivities, digestive health, adrenal function, circadian rhythms, toxicity, and stress levels are carefully examined via your comprehensive assessment. The assessment enables a roadmap to your health goals to be prioritized into a sensible approach in your program. Nancy works very carefully with you and your unique situation to ensure the appropriate modifications are integrated into your life, at a pace that is not overwhelming.

General Benefits of the Program

  • Improve digestive health
  • Recover from burn out and restore adrenal function
  • Strengthen foundational pillars of health and eliminate dis-ease
  • Increase energy
  • Enhance immunity
  • Restore hormone balance
  • Sleep better
  • Decrease joint and muscle pain
  • Eliminate brain fog and restore mental clarity
  • Better muscle tone and easier weight loss
  • Balanced emotional states (less anxiety, depression, roller coaster emotions)
  • Clear grounded energy (vs. hyper, ungrounded mental/physical state)
  • Release toxins from your body/mind
  • Align your goals and actions to support balanced wellness, inside and out
  • Integrate new healthy habits and ways of being into your everyday daily life
  • Deeper connection to your innate wisdom which translates into a more fulfilling relationship to self, others and all of life
  • Increase subtle energy competencies, resulting in crystal clear discernment/decision making and clearer connection to your inner body wisdom

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