Your Body as your Ally

Your Body as Your Ally

How do you use your body to guide you? Are you able to hear the signals from your body when they are just a whisper? What places in your life do you still try to ‘push through it’, run your self down, get sick, or wind up in pain before slowing down and paying attention?

What would it take to cultivate a deeper trust in your own inner knowing, your Core Intelligence with more grace, ease and enjoyment?

Relatable with Stephanie Michele” invited me on her show on LA Talk Radio a couple weeks ago to discuss why it is important to tune into your body as your guide. After grounding in together, we riffed on shyness as a superpower, how to navigate the world as an empath, the concept of grace and flow, pleasure, and even got a little silly as you can see from our photo.

Take a peek and share if you feel inspired to!
Here’s the link. 

With Grace and Ease,


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