ReSourced: Energy Mastery for Women

An 8 week Transformational Program & Tantric Mastermind


Are ready to learn ancient practices to ignite powerful creative energy, to move through stagnation, to stay open hearted, discerning and solid in your center? 

Join us & deepen connection to your feminine POWER, to cultivate, clear, shift, spark, delight, and gain insight on your life, relationships & the patterns that keep showing up again and again. 

“A Circle of Women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, EMBRACE it, If you need one, SEEK it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, DIVE IN. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it. Please, please allow it.” ~Jeanette LeBlanc

We will be charging up & working with creative life force energy to direct it with POWER & INTEGRITY; to clear blockages and open channels; to ALIGN, ACTIVATE & EMBODY new wasys of being and relating. Learn to harness our individual and collective Shakti as fuel for actualizing dreams into being.

Goddess rising Women's Circle Sistership Circle Divine Feminine Rising

We gather together in an intimate circle online in this 8 week program to reconnect to our deep feminine essence and get ReSourced. Using ancient alchemical tools to tap into our inherent power to nurture intuition, sensitivity, and sexuality as strength, serving the highest good without the need to shrink, shame, people-please or compete. Reclaim your power. Receive support. Get juicy. 


Sit in this SACRED CIRCLE of women from anywhere in the world using the FREE Zoom Video Platform. Have supportive space held by a group of like hearted sisters. Share your wins, your challenges & deepen connection in between sessions in our private online community group. 

If you are concerned that connecting virtually couldn’t be powerful, check out this video testimonial from one of our participants.

This is a space to heal and revealwomens wisdom circle self care back support
To return home to our collaborative nature
To our supportive community roots

To be held and nourished
To receive, to give
To be heard and to be seen
To spread your wings
& soar to your dreams!
Are you ready?


Some of the topics and tools we may include are:

Qi Gong & Energy Medicine for Women

Tantric & Taoist Energy Cultivation Practices

Developing Intuition, Trust & Discernment

Grounding & Centering Practices

Cord Cutting & Forgiveness

Transparent Communication

Boundaries & Sovereignty

Womb Wisdom Cultivation

Breathwork & Meditation

Chakra Psychology

Authentic Relating

Sacred Sexuality

Kundalini Dance

Reiki Healing

…and more!

Dive into this Sacred Play space and experience this deep heart field of transformation for yourself. Allow yourself to be ReSourced. This is true SOUL NOURISHMENT!!

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Regularly $888, Special intro price $444



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Nancy Parker is a weaver of connection, muse, and spirit dancer. As a teacher her expertise is in the realms of wellness, self-expression, embodiment, sensuality & relating. She is a Transformational Facilitator, Mentor & Founder of InBody Wisdom & Sacred Play – Ecstatic Dance San Diego.

For the past 20 years, Nancy has facilitated 4,000+ groups & guided over 30,000 people, to open their hearts, move through blocks and experience radiant health in their bodies and relating-ships. She does this by supporting embodiment from the physical to the subtle body using playful movement, mindfulness, & energy medicine.

As a Mentor, she helps highly sensitive people and empaths stabilize core integrity, refine boundaries and rediscover embodied wisdom, igniting a grounded connection to power, clarity, and enjoyment like never before!


What we will cover:

Week 1: Connect to Body – Foundation, Grounding, Trust

Week 2: Connect to Creativity – Passion, Energy, Sexuality 

Week 3: Connect to self – Intuition, Power, Will

Week 4: Connect to Others – Compassion, Forgiveness, Boundaries

Week 5: Connect to Self Expression – Communication, Listening &  Attunement

Week 6: Connect to Clarity – Vision, Seeing & Understanding

Week 7: Connect to Source – Higher Self, Knowing & Embodying

Week 8: Weave the Web – Integration, Completion, Celebration


Bonuses valued at over $730 including:

  • 2 (30) min VIP Sessions with Nancy $333 value
  • 2 months unlimited access to the Aligned Membership including live weekly classes online and a movement library of over 175+ classes $198 value
  • 21 day Mindful Meals Self Care & Cleanse $197 value
  • Heart Brain Sync Meditation $Priceless





“You offer opportunities to share Divine Presence as well as allowing a space for intense opening and a uniquely raw experience…I mean primal. You are absolutely juicy!!” ~ Heather J.

“I so appreciate what you do to create the space of safety, with a container where we can leave judgment outside and shine!” ~ Gwen Lepord

“…your absolute presence in life (even when you’re not physically there), your ability to really SEE & FEEL, the way you continuously show up for our community to INSPIRE, CREATE & HEAL. My heart is so full of love and gratitude for you. Thank you thank you thank you!” ~ Melissa June

I am still in bliss and got touched very deeply by the unfolding of it all (beyond words). The flow just magically happened by the safe and playful “container” you provided. Something beyond my mind happened there…to really dive deep within myself, into a space of no judgment, a deeper sensitivity, a space of trust and allowing. It was very, very powerful and gentle at the same time…and it is so guiding and nourishing my fire in strengthening my intention I set in the beginning. I am in deep, deep awe! Looking forward to the next one!” ~ Jutta Maria Hecht

You facilitate inner observation, shift, expansion and growth. My experience was like some of the most profound sacred medicine journeys I have been on. Thank you for creating & sharing such a powerful practice. It was really quite transformational. ~Mikilyn Trust

Working with Nancy has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I have done a lot of other transformation work, but this work has proven to be more impactful in a shorter amount of time in helping me to cut to the Truth. Nancy is a sensitive, gentle, champion listener, as well as a fierce supporter in helping me to unravel the overwhelm and anxiety I was feeling in so many areas of my life and to find clarity, courage and confidence again.

The most significant results I have noticed from this 6 month program are an increase in confidence, an ability to let down defenses, and an improvement in my ability to communicate clearly. I am more empowered in difficult situations to ask for what I need and to express myself without anger while holding space for a healthy two-way exchange. 

I have experienced an increase in my self-compassion, my energy levels, and my anxiety levels have dropped significantly. She has shown me the power I have to flow through a ‘bad day’ and know it will pass, rather than resist and prolong it.  As well, I have learned to prioritize my needs without guilt, increase my level of self-care and to trust and honor my intuition. the centering techniques that she has taught me have proven to be valuable tools when life gets busy and/or emotions are intense.  I highly recommended Nancy’s expert guidance to anyone who feels in need of some extra support in finding your way back to your true self.  ~ Monica A.