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Custom Movement Programs


As a C.H.E.K Practitioner, Nancy offers an elite level of knowledge and over 25 years experience in corrective holistic exercise to help you:

  • Decrease Pain in your body
  • Recover from old injuries or surgery
  • Create a Plan to restore movement and function
  • Increase range of motion, energy and strength
  • Build a strong and stable back, neck, knees, ankles and shoulders
  • Improve posture & overall well-being and integrate new habits into your daily life
  • Align, balance and increase health of joints and muscles
  • Condition your body to enhance your existing movement & sports performance

You will receive…

  • Initial Consultation
  • Comprehensive Physical Assessment
  • Program Design
  • (8) One-on-one Teaching/Coaching Sessions 
  • Personalized Program, including lifestyle recommendations & functional exercise program specific to your body’s imbalances
  • Support materials – includes pictures and/or videos, and a detailed copy of your program with all the information you need to successfully implement the program
  • 3 months of email/WhatsApp support
  • You have 12 weeks to complete your sessions
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  • 3 months of access to Aligned Movement classes & library
  • Mindful Meals, 21 days of Cleansing and Self Care
  • Postural Therapy Masterclass

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All Custom Wellness Programs begin with a very detailed assessment of your body, habits and health.  Things such as muscle balance, core stability, joint range of motion, functional movement analysis, strength, and posture are evaluated, as well health & nutrition habits. The assessment data is blended with your specific goals in a scientific and intuitive design to create your ideal program. With this precision, you are given the exact lifestyle recommendations, exercises and stretches that your body is needing to achieve your goals.

Nancy’s precise use of Functional Exercise, Pilates, Swiss Ball Exercises, Corrective Exercise, Energy Balancing Exercises, Strength & Conditioning, Self Myofascial Release, Specific Stretching and Holistic Health Coaching all according to your unique goals and assessment data, have propelled many to make dramatic transformations in their health and fitness. Regular reassessments and updates to your program ensure that your body is continually progressed and challenged to keep you moving ahead on your road to wellness, strength, and vitality.

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Your Guide

Nancy Parker was born to move. Formerly head of the Therapeutic Exercise Department at Rancho La Puerta, & Research Assistant to Paul Chek, Nancy brings her 20+ years experience as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates Instructor and Holistic Lifestyle Coach to InBody Wisdom. As Director of InBody Wisdom and Balanced Wellness, her passion has inspired thousands of clients to heal themselves. Through keen observation and compassionate support, Nancy helps people transform more than their bodies. Utilizing movement, holistic lifestyle & nutritional coaching, Nancy’s programs help her clients restore core integrity and vitality, while creating a playful, joyous connection to power, flexibility, and clarity like never before.

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